Hello !

Projects :


Prototype GLSL code and generate gifs directly in a web page.

Mandelbrot & Julia sets

Mandelbrot and Julia sets in your browser (Javascript). [Maths are sometimes beautiful]


A user interface for data manipulation. Add nodes and plug them together. Work in (paused) progress.

Lamp Spectral Power
Distribution Database

Rails web project with light pollution research group at Cégep de Sherbrooke.

Python Playground

The repo where I got more familiar with python3 and numpy.

Simple particle physics simulations, fractals, waves (With more features than my JS version).

Chaotic Lines and Points

Javascript experiment - Click on the screen to make points appear.

Wave simulation

Javascript experiment: I always wanted to try this. Every pixel represents a water container and shares water with nearby pixels. The water exchanges at a certain velocity. Water waves pattern happen auto-magically.

Triangular: cellular automata experiments

2013 project that made me fail my physics class because I could not stop observing the patterns. (Don't worry, I finally passed this class at 89% in 2014)

Fun with Javascript page

This used to be my home page. It was not really mobile friendly so it is now a separate page. Many Javascript canvas animations.

Javascript Sound Playground

Code stuff and produce sound in your browser.

Simple Canvas Animations

Create simple animations in your browser! (With gif export)

I called this "Black & White Motion Picture Co."

JS Canvas to Gif

Write canvas code and get a gif.

Read instructions at the bottom.


A multi-user calculator that aims to be your next math collaboration tool / logbook.


GitHub: @antoineMoPa
Twitter: @antoineMoPa

Text files about coding & stuff

Small Javascript experiments