A computer engineering student.

GitHub: @antoineMoPa
Twitter: @antoineMoPa

I create gifs from code & math.
Visit my tumblr : https://dontcode.tumblr.com/
And my giphy : http://giphy.com/channel/antoinemopa

Projects :


Code in GLSL & generate gifs.

See this project


A place to show my GLSL fragment shaders. Contains fractals, landscapes & retro glitches.

See this project

Mandelbrot & Julia sets

Mandelbrot and Julia sets rendered in Javascript (slower tthan GLSL implementations in Cinema).

See this project


A user interface for data manipulation. Add nodes and plug them together. Work in (paused) progress.

See this project

Lamp Spectral Power Distribution Database

Ruby on Rails web application project with the light pollution research group at the Cégep de Sherbrooke.

See this project

Python Playground

Simple particle physics simulations, fractals, waves.

See this project

Chaotic Lines and Points

Javascript experiment - Click on the screen to make points appear.

See this project

Wave simulation

Some intuitive 2D fluid simulation. (No Navier-Stokes)

See this project

Triangular: cellular automata experiments

Cellular automata with sound export.

See this project

Fun with Javascript page

This is actually my previous home page.

See this project

Javascript Sound Playground

Code in javascript and produce sound in your browser. (examples included)

See this project

Canvas Animations

Create simple animations in your browser! (With gif export)

See this project

JS Canvas to Gif

Write canvas code and get a gif. (Read instructions at the bottom)

See this project


A node/mathjs project: multi-user math logbook with plotting.

See this project

Other links

Text files about linux, coding & other

Small Javascript experiments